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Eastern Hancock High School Senior VIP | Rylee

Rylee started her session with hair and makeup with our in house makeup artist, Amy. After that we headed to Carmel for her session. This was an area I hadn't really shot before, so it was fun to explore some new places! Unfortunately it was insanely windy, but Rylee was a trouper and we just went with it, and it made some great model hair shots! lol. Here are a few from the downtown area.  

Despite the wind, we did get the smoke to cooperate inside the garage. It's always fun to just add a pop of color with it. 

Next, we sought some wind free pics inside the parking garage stairwell... I love spots like this.

The we walked around and found some more cute spots

This shot was just in a little strip in the road. I love making spots like this look like a field just using the right angles.

Then we actually did go to a field ... and Rylee wanted some images with her boyfriend, so we grabbed a couple of those while we were there!

Rylee also added a cheer session on a different day. This is included if you do it the same day, but my VIPs can add stuff on like this at a discounted price and if they already purchased all the digitals it comes with them as well. 

What I forgot to mention is, it was also crazy windy on this day! lol. We are planning to do a cap and gown for Rylee as well, so here's to hoping for one non windy session for this girl! lol

Class of 2024, I still have a few spring openings if you haven't done your photos yet.

Class of 2025, I am just about ready to open sign ups to join my VIP team and I am also already booking regular summer sessions! Even if you are planning to joining my VIP team, you can go ahead and book your session and we will apply the fee to the VIP program fee! If you'd like to get on my email list to be the first to get the sign up link, just DM me on any social media or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and email address and school . You can include phone number as well if you prefer a text! 

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