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Eastern Hancock Class of 2024 Senior VIP | Lindsay

I've been putting this one off ... it's hard to know what to say. This amazing light was put out too soon. Lindsay is no longer with us on this side of Heaven, but she definitely left her mark, and still shines with every single pink sunrise and sunset. Lindsay opted for a simple session on her family farm. She kept telling me she wanted photos with her pig, but she opted not to because it was dirty on the day of the shoot. I actually contacted her before the shoot because there was rain in the forecast and I always want to make sure these girls' and guys' photos are what they want. Lindsay said she wanted to go ahead though, so we did! It worked out really well, it only rained for a few minutes and we were able to take photos inside the barn during that time. She wanted to get some pictures with one of her dogs. She said the other one was too dirty, but he had ideas of his own, he decided he was getting in a photo whether she liked it or not. haha. Peep inside the cab of the truck!  I loved this shot. 

And here are a couple of the photos inside the barn while it was raining

One of my favorite things about Lindsay was her no nonsense attitude. When I got to her place for the session, she was like, my self tanner is all splotchy so I hope you can photoshop that! lol. I got you, Linny!  

She also wanted to get some pictures with her dad's Semi. I loved this! It's always fun to just get unique things that mean something to the person in the photos and their family. 

And a shot of her tattoo along with this remembrance of her cousin, who also passed way too soon. 

Everyone knows I always love the walking/movement shots ... and this country road was the perfect spot for that! 

I was so glad we went ahead despite the rain chance, because the evening sky ended up being gorgeous. 

During her funeral, there was mention of all of the things/clothing etc that Lindsay always had in her car. It made me laugh, because during her session, her mom asked if she had a blanket in there that we could lay out on the ground, and sure enough, she came through! I also loved that she brought this little sign. This is what our group is all about! <3 We also talked a lot about our upcoming trip to Nashville during this shoot. Lindsay was so so excited for that trip! I'm so happy she got to go. Those photos will be blogged at a later time, as this was just meant to be her personal shoot! 

I am doing a feature on Lindsay in this year's magazine and if you would like to write a few words, a memory of her or just something special about her or the friendship you shared with her, please send to me ASAP! Today was the deadline I had put out, but I will take them through the end of the weekend! If you have a photo of the 2 of you together, please send that along with your words! 

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