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Class of 2024 Greenfield Central Senior VIP | Bella

Bella's session was so much fun! We had to do it in 2 parts because the theater wasn't quite ready when we did her main session, but I'll always make exceptions like that for my VIPs! Bella really wanted a wildflower field for her senior photos, so after much searching between both of us, she came up with one! It ended up being a great location! I think I forgot to mention this in my last couple of blogs, so I'll have to go fix that, but first Bella came here and had her makeup done by our amazing makeup artist, Amy! Then from there we headed to her location! 

Bella also brought her dog along to get some shots with her! You are always welcome to bring a pet along to get photos with! Just make sure you have someone with you to handle them while we're shooting without them! 

Her pup even smiled for the camera :) 

While at the flower fields, we did find some other areas to shoot as well! This bridge was great! And I LOVE her outfit here! 

Bella was a cheerleader up until this year when she decided to pursue other things, but she wanted to commemorate that time in her life as well since it was such a big part of it! 

And then she wanted to grab a photo with mom! I love when they do this! Your momma is so important! Definitely grab a shot with her, you'll treasure it forever! 

As I mentioned earlier, we also did theater photos with Bella. We had to do this a few months later as the theater was getting redone at the time of her session, but it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT! This was by far my favorite part ... I just love stuff like this, and Bella was made for this shoot! She has such a fun personality! I threw a red gel on my backlight to really bring out the theater atmosphere! It was so perfect! 

I probably should have blogged the theater pics separately lol. It's so hard to choose! I definitely have a few more to add... we even played with fire a little at this shoot! Loved her idea of using it with this! 

What is your passion? I'd love to help you showcase it!  Class of 2025, signups for my next team will be in February! If you want an amazing senior photo experience, you should definitely sign up! You can learn more at https://www.shawnamariephotography.com/seniors/senior-experience 

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