Class of 2022 VIP Influencer Application

Class of 2022 VIP Influencer Application

Do you want a year long senior photo experience? Do you want to appear in our annual Senior magazine? It's cover to cover models, information about senior photos, what to wear, must have advice from the previous crew, and even some advice for your freshman year of college! This magazine is shared digitally and in print with many local businesses and every senior inquiry I get and being a part of it is exclusive to my Influencer team! Do you want the most unique senior pictures in the area? Do you want the chance to earn cash, make new friends, and do fun things, and even help out others? If so, this is the team for you!

I am taking up to 16 girls this year! You need to send it back fast though, because I accept applications on a first come first serve basis. That means if I read your application and I think you're a great fit, (basically that your social media doesn't portray you doing illegal things) you are accepted before I read the next application to see if they are an even better fit. That's not what I'm about! Once I have the amount of girls/guys I want, applications will close.

My influencer program does have a fee, it is not free, but it is well worth the experience. The fee is $500. For the VIP Influencer team. $250 will be due when we sit down and go over the model contract in the next few weeks. When I send your acceptance letter, I will send a list of dates in Feb you can choose from for your meeting. The other $250 will be due 30 days after the initial payment. Our first event will be a meet and greet. I am planning this for sometime after Spring Break (once I get all girls spring break info I will get you a date) . The fee includes everything listed below, however this does not include prints or digital images. Every senior client gets a personal reveal and order session after their personal senior session, and that is when you will purchase your prints or digital images. I am also offering an ELITE VIP INFLUENCER experience. I will send each of you a breakdown of both so you can decide which is for you. The entire group will always be ONE group and do all group things together, but the ELITE offers a bit more and comes with a gorgeous signature album to commemorate your experience.

So, why would you want to be a model instead of a regular senior client?

1. You get to be in the magazine, which is getting bigger and better every year! You can even write a story for it if you like to write! You will also have a chance to be the cover model.

2. Instead of one session, you get several sessions to document your senior year.

-We start with a short RAW Beauty session on the night we meet to go over your contract.
- Then you get a mini group session that you and your group get to plan! These are super fun! My teams really get into planning the outfits and location etc. This can be your chance to go viral! Think out of the box!
- Then we do a large themed group session all together!
-PLUS you can earn a destination session! The last 3 years we went to Chicago once and Nashville, TN twice. Models will vote on the location. You do have to pay your own travel and hotel fees for this shoot if there are any.
- plus you get your personal senior session which is my Extended session! This session alone is normally $300. It includes professional makeup by Amy, my personal team makeup artist and a session taylored just for you. It's included in your model fee!
I also work with my athletes and other extracurriculars you'd like to showcase to make sure you get something fun and unique. I'm always open to trying new things for them.
Most of all, you are part of a family and we have a great time!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get this filled out! Remember I will be reading through many applications, so make yours stand out! And be sure to be yourself, not who you think I'm looking for! I am looking for a variety of looks and personalities! There is no mold to fit!