Class of 2019 Senior Olivia | Indianapolis Senior pictures

I haven’t had a chance to blog all of my 2019 seniors so far. It’s been a very busy summer! Probably the busiest June I have ever had! I love it! We have been able to do some really fun stuff, and summer weather makes for lots of different opportunities than everyone’s usual favorite, Fall (which is great too! I just love seeing more people jump in for summer!) Speaking of Fall, I have like 7 sessions left for the entire Fall season, so if you want one, get in touch asap! You can call or text 317-319-6045 or email shawna@shawnamariephotography.com to get that taken care of! Here is one of my recent seniors, Olivia from Rushville Consolidated High School. Olivia is (obviously) quite the artist and she also plays softball for her school. Here is her sneak video and a couple of my favorite images from her session!





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  1. Heather

    Nice variety in pics. Love the video too. Do you offer that for all your seniors?

    • shawnama

      Thank you! Yes, right now I am using it as a sneak peek for all of my seniors. I do a more comprehensive video with photos for their reveal session.

  2. What a gorgeous, diverse young lady! Beautiful images!

  3. What a great session! Love the video! <3


Madge: Class of 2019 Greenfield Central High School Senior

Class of 2019, we are rolling right along! If you haven’t booked your session yet, you might want to jump on that right now! Call me/ Text me: 317-319-6045 or email shawna@shawnamariephotography.com.  If you re class of 2020, I am already taking names of those interested in my model program! If you want the info before it goes public, sign up here!  http://www.shawnamariephotography.com/forms/view.php?id=16

Once you have done that, come back here and check out Madge’s session! I am going to do something I don’t always do here. I’m going to show you her WHOLE session! Watch the video if you want to see it!


And here are a few of my absolute favorites below! We were able to incorporate lots of important things to Madge in this session, like her love of basketball and softball, and also, the lake is a place she hangs with friends, so it has meaning too! I would love to sit and plan your locations with you to come up with something that will commemorate your senior year in a fun and unique way!

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  1. Wow, gorgeous senior pictures and I love the video!!!

  2. Deanna

    What an awesome session! The last one of her pitching and the dirt flying is my favorite!!

  3. Angie Church

    LOVE the video, super cool! All the pics are gorgeous!

  4. jeanine

    Wow! This senior is stunning and your photography is fantastic! She is smart to have chosen you for her senior photography to have these to look back on, forever.


Hancock Health Newborn Photos- Fresh 48 and present parents

This week I’m taking a quick break from posting my seniors to talk a little more about my newborns! I have been up at Hancock Health for 2 months now, and I am having a blast! I just love getting to snuggle on all the new babies. Seriously, BEST.JOB.EVER.  Here’s the thing. I am getting a lot of new mommas and dads too, who are opting not to be in the photos because they “Don’t look good enough” Don’t be that person! Seriously, you just had a baby! No one expects you to look like a super model. You can’t get these memories back. Not everyone has to see them, but you and your little one will be SO glad you’re in the photos someday! If you’re breast feeding (or not!) we can take feeding photos, we can just take photos of you holding your little one, we can use your hands, have you in the background kind of blurred out etc … but be present! You won’t regret it! I have found in the past weeks as I’ve pushed it just a tiny bit more, when I look at the galleries, guess which photos moms and dads are favoriting? You got it! The ones they are in! These aren’t meant to be glamour shots! These are REAL LIFE. These are minutes and memories that will fade very quickly. These photos will be all you have left as your baby grows and changes in the weeks and months to come. So, moms and dads, even if you haven’t showered or put on makeup or brushed your hair … it’s ok. Let’s just show that sweet baby how in love you were from the very first moment. 🙂

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  1. What a sweet bunch of cuties! What an awesome job!

  2. Angie Church

    Great topic! So important for parents to be part of the pics. They definitely won’t regret it later!