Awesome Local Diner and a 50s themed Shoot! | Indianapolis Senior Pictures

Last week I touched on themed sessions. Here is another super fun theme we did with some of my class of 2019 Senior Models at Cammak Station in Yorktown, IN. There are several places in the area to do this type of theme, and 50s are just FUN! So much fun! I am in love with the look. Next time I go back to this place, I will be asking for permission to shoot inside as well! It’s so cool inside! They have lots of awesome places to shoot outside as well! Check out some of the pics and our little sneak peek video I put together for the girls! And start thinking about something out of the box for your own senior session! What do you love? Is there an era you feel like you should have been born into? Is there a place you always go that makes you happy, that will remind you of your teen years for years to come? Think about it! Then give me a call! 317-319-6045. You can also email shawna@shawnamariephotography.com  !  Class of 2019 spots left are very limited, and class of 2020 are booking now too! Don’t miss out!

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  1. Absolutely Adorable. They are beautiful. Great work!

  2. Heather Wanninger

    Ahhh, this theme is so fun!

  3. Ann

    Love the theme!! Great images

  4. Angie Church

    Awesome pics, love the theme! The girls looked great!

  5. Love this theme! It looks like your girls had a blast too 🙂

  6. Love all of the color of this shoot. So fun!!!

  7. Sooooo cute! The girls are adorable and I love the location! Great work!

  8. Beverly Williams

    Great shoot! Love the colors and theme!!


Clueless- A themed session with Shawna Marie Photography

Have you ever wanted to do MORE  than just the usual senior pictures? Wouldn’t it be a blast to become part of your favorite movie or your favorite era? There are so many ways to theme a session, and of course you probably want a more typical session as well. We have that covered! I offer add on sessions JUST for themes for anyone who has already done a session with me. The add on sessions are my only sessions that come with digitals included. Start thinking of your ideas today! You can include a friend or 2 as well if you like. The sky is the limit! Here is the first theme my class of 2019 Senior Models did. This little group chose the movie Clueless and they did an amazing job with it!

Class of 2019, I am already running low on dates! June is fully booked.  July 8th and 12th are available. Aug 16, 19, 23 and 26 are available. Sept 9, 13, 20 and 27 are available. Oct 11 and 16, and Nov 1, 4, 8 and 11.  These are filling quickly, so call and get yours ASAP! 317-319-6045 or email shawna@shawnamariephotography.com!

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  1. Angie Church

    Beautiful pictures, and I love the idea of a movie for a themed senior session! Great job!

  2. Shunta

    Love how you made this theme session, and the choice they picked,clueless was great!!

  3. Dawn

    Super cute session! I bet your senior models had a blast!

  4. These are so awesome! What a fun idea for a photo shoot!


Hancock Health Newborn Photographer | Hospital Newborn Photos

I have some super exciting news about my newborn photography! (Don’t worry, I’m still doing senior photos full time!)  I am still doing in studio newborn sessions as well, however, I was recently asked to be the newborn photographer with Hancock Health, and I decided that it would be an awesome opportunity! Who doesn’t want to hang around babies every day? lol! Ok, well maybe not everyone does, but it’s my dream job! So here’s the deal! If you are delivering at Hancock, you get a free new arrival session with me! The best part? It’s IN your hospital room. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything! I come right to you! I call in or come up to the hospital Mon-Fri to check in and see if patients would like to have their new arrival session. On the weekends and holidays, the nurses will give you my brochure and you can send me a text so I can work out a time with you! It’s that simple! Also, if you want to schedule your time with me so that you can involve siblings or grandparents, you can text or call me as well. 317-319-6045.

So what is this exactly? I come in and do a mini fresh 48 style shoot (about 15 minutes), then I will ask if you’d like a blanket or basket posed shot at the end. The hospital will put an announcement in the newspaper for you (for free) if you’d like, and I will send you a digital birth announcement for free as well! Be sure to check out the sample announcements in this post! I will also create a gallery with all of the photos that I take and you will be able to view and order from it for 2 weeks. This session does not replace a full newborn session, but it is so great to have those first moments! As a momma of 4, I know how quickly that hospital look disappears and just how hard it is to remember it. I so wish I had these photos of my babies! (Especially right now as I’m sitting here trying to post a new blog and listening to them scream at each other! ha!) Soak it all in! It goes entirely too fast!

Another perk to delivering at Hancock Health is, if you would like a FULL newborn session with Shawna Marie Photography, you can have it at 50% off the session fee! That’s a $100 savings! All you have to do is book while you are pregnant or still in the hospital!

Here is the link to the hospital blog announcing me as their photographer https://www.hancockregionalhospital.org/2018/06/babys-first-photos/

And you can check out one of my digital announcements below! If you have any questions about how this works, don’t hesitate to contact me! You can email shawna@shawnamariephotography.com or call/text 317-319-6045!

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  1. This video is so sweet!!! Your newborn pictures are gorgeous and really show the raw emotion that takes place when a new baby joins the family.

  2. shawnama

    Thank you so much! <3