Class of 2019 Senior Olivia | Indianapolis Senior pictures

I haven’t had a chance to blog all of my 2019 seniors so far. It’s been a very busy summer! Probably the busiest June I have ever had! I love it! We have been able to do some really fun stuff, and summer weather makes for lots of different opportunities than everyone’s usual favorite, Fall (which is great too! I just love seeing more people jump in for summer!) Speaking of Fall, I have like 7 sessions left for the entire Fall season, so if you want one, get in touch asap! You can call or text 317-319-6045 or email shawna@shawnamariephotography.com to get that taken care of! Here is one of my recent seniors, Olivia from Rushville Consolidated High School. Olivia is (obviously) quite the artist and she also plays softball for her school. Here is her sneak video and a couple of my favorite images from her session!





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  1. Heather

    Nice variety in pics. Love the video too. Do you offer that for all your seniors?

    • shawnama

      Thank you! Yes, right now I am using it as a sneak peek for all of my seniors. I do a more comprehensive video with photos for their reveal session.

  2. What a gorgeous, diverse young lady! Beautiful images!

  3. What a great session! Love the video! <3