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Today for the final day of my charity features, I am going to share a few things with you…. as you can see, I am involved in several different organizations. I am a part of 2 others that I am currently inactive in. I have my reasons for each, which I will explain … and I am also going to share my OWN idea. Well, maybe it’s not my own, as it came to me while in prayer.

First off is Red Thread Sessions: Red thread is an organization that does photos for adoptive families. I think this is great and important, and if someone eventually comes to me for one of these, I will happily oblige. I haven’t stayed really active in this one because I haven’t seen a great desire/need for it in our area. Not that no one is adopting, but not a lot of interest in the free session.

Second : NILMDTS otherwise known as Now I lay Me Down to Sleep (where we take photos of babies who are about to pass or who were stillborn so that their parents have something to remember them by) … This one is very, very  important to me, and I actively served for several years. However, having 4 kids always going here and there and 2 young ones who can’t be left alone yet made it extremely difficult. Sometimes you have to just GO right now or you miss the last few minutes of a baby’s life… the last few precious seconds that a parent gets to hold their living, breathing newborn baby. You can’t miss that. But I couldn’t always leave RIGHT NOW.  I spread myself too thin and something had to go FOR NOW. As much as I hated it to be this one, this is the one that I can’t say I’m sorry I can’t take this one. This is the one you may have to leave in the middle of a ballgame or a bedtime story, so for now I had to become inactive, but when my little ones are a little older, I will definitely go back. It is the most heartwrenching thing I have ever done, but knowing what you are giving those parents makes every tear you cry all the way home 100% worth it. If you are a photographer and you have the time for something like this CHECK THEM OUT! You won’t regret it.

Last but not least … last year was a rough year for our family. We struggled financially, our daughter was diagnosed with a condition we had never heard of, she had brain surgery … and I just kept praying and asking asking asking every single day for help, for provision for her health and total healing. God came through for us, just as I knew He would and one day I found myself praying and instead of asking, I asked Him what I could do for Him. I asked Him to use me to bless someone else … and then the idea came to me. I love teenagers. I mean they baffle me at times, and drive me crazy, but I love them and I LOVE doing senior photos. I have such a great time, and I hate that any senior can’t have them because they can’t afford them. I hate the idea of a teen being teased and bullied all through school. I want to take them out and take amazing photos of them and show them how amazing they are! So each year I will be accepting nominations for teens who can’t afford photos, who are or have gone  through something difficult, who are being bullied, teased or feel horrible about themselves… I have the stories sent to me, and there is NO WAY I could choose one winner (and no way I could afford to take them all on, though I wish I could!) so I pray over them, and then draw one out. I know every time, the person who gets this session is the person God intended for me to bless. Again right before graduation I will ask if anyone was unable to get photos and then I will do a day of mini sessions and gift one 8×10 to each kid.   I really want to make the full session BIG. If you or someone you know is interested in donating a Hair and Makeup session, clothing, a clothing allowance, print credits *at cost (I give a CD with the session. There is no cost to the teen ever) anything that  could make the session a big deal, shoot me an email or give me a call! I would love to team up with you on this!

Thank you so much for reading these this week. I am so thankful for every one of these organizations and really want more people to know about all of them! We can’t give them if no one realizes they exist:)  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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